Nodes of ∏node

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"Nodes of ∏node" is a show specially made by the ∏node collective for the Planet Orsimanirana voyager sonic UFO. It is a non exhaustive tour of the initiatives, works, projects and sounds around the ∏node community.

From radical sonic activism to deviant and alternative computing infrastructures, the show broadcasts sonic excerpts of performances and compositions made from and within recent social movements (10/05), interviews with the shadow forces behind self-organized sound art festivals and temporary autonomous (artistic) zones that take advantage of specific infra-urban or rural situations (17/05), self-managed ISP, feminist and anarchist servers and deviant internet hosting mixed with the sound produced by these infrastructures (24/05), the pre-platforms streaming actions and performances, as well as some initiatives that use internet as a dedicated sonic material, media and instrument (31/05). Four mondays in May, live from 7pm to 9pm.


Generics music : BCK Live in Brussels in Zennestraat 88 for AKA X birthday event - 22/04/2017:

Episode 1 - Sounds of the streets (From Democracy to Moleculocracy) - 10/05

Uncut versions and bonuses

Episode 2 - Playing Outside (New Cosmological Encounters) - 17/05

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Uncut versions and bonuses

Episode 3 - Auto-Hostings (A Primordial Coup without Causing Injury) - 24/05

Uncut versions and bonuses

Episode 4 - Infinite streams (Rivers of infinite funk) - 31/05

Uncut versions and bonuses