Global Riot Golem | Tsonami festival 2020

The 15th of december, ∏node and guests will perform the infamous Golem at the Tsonami festival in Valparaiso. The Golem is a performance where we use the radio medium and Internet infrastructure as an instrument.
Multiple sound streams feed into each other forming a collective signal, a chain reaction of connection delays, data alterations, feedback loops and signal transformations. Little by little the feed becomes alive and starts to have a life of it's own.

For this performance for the Tsonami festival 2020 we'll make a special version of the Golem using sounds of social and political struggles from South America, North America, Asia, Middle East and Europe. An interpenetration of our local movements, demonstrations, and confrontations with State repression, in order to create and share a global multilingual soundtrack for struggle, a sonic contagion that will spread across radio waves, penetrate the cables that connect us and seep through the membranes of your speakers...

Let's create a global sonic artefact that unifies our struggles!

This Global Riot Golem will take place on the evening of 15th Dec for one hour at 23h UTC
Listen on online or on the radio waves of

Archive of the performance :

With participations of : LoVid, Felix Blume, Sarah Brown, Valentina Vuksic, Juliedesk, Nicolas Montgermont, Grcn, Julien Clauss, b01, Pali Meursault, Fiona Lee, Ingvar Lundberg, DinahBird, Dave Philips, CrocheOreilleMondiale, Stéphane Montavon, Carl.Y, Wave Farm, Isabelle Mornat, Billy Bao, TsonamiValparaiso-Fernando.
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avec la participation du CNC/DICRéAM dans le cade de l'aide à l'écriture du projet GOLEM¬MONDE