Solar radio show

Sola Radio Show


Location: Parc de la Villette, Paris

Frequencies: 93.9MHz, 108.0 MHz

2nd of august, 12h - 22h30

A local and temporal radiophonic transmission in the Parc de la Villette on 108MHzFM. ∏-node has host during the whole day discussion panels, performances and concerts around different issues of today's hertzian or digital radiotransmissions. With: Knut Aufermann & Tetsuo Kogawa,, WreckThisMess, Epsilonia, Grand Corps Macabre, Episode 32: IO.SOUND, The Soldering Circle / DinahBird / Radio1001, Samon Takahashi, Julia Drouhin, Phoners/Radio Galère, LapinKult, Le-Tétraèdre, Le Placard Headphone Festival,, MobileRadio, Gipsy One, XMX/StationMir, WPMG, Radio Campus and many more ...

Bring your Radio! or RSVP in front of the Trabendo, in the Parc de la Villette, near the Shadow Garden, where radios were put at the publics disposal.

∏-node - "Shadow RadioShow" was relayed on Radio Campus, Paris, 93.9MHz FM from 5:30PM to 10:30PM Paris CEST