Scanner Orchestra


The Radio Scanner Orchestra is a multichannel sound performance using various radio scanners and transceivers as instruments. Several scanning techniques are combined to create a multidimensional exploration of the local radio frequency spectrum. The technical limitations of each device and the difference of width of the scanned band determines a score.


The performance is based on a radio scanner that scans the band continuously. The scanner is audible during all the time of the performance. reception through HAckRF. The scanner begins on the highest frequency (defined as 3.14 GHz) and scans the band in a linear progression down to its bottom down frequency (1hz). The scanner makes a stop for a determined duration with the musicians/performers, when entering the range of the musician equipment, musicians are then audible within the scanner due to their emission instruments.

1 Graz Setup/score

Scanner is broadcast on 4 speakers in the midle, reception through hackRF. Performers plays on a quadriphonic PA system set in the corners.

2 Toulouse (THSF May 20 2016) Setup/score

Scanner is broadcast on 2 speakers + a screen between, reception through hackRF.