Radio Fischli Weiss II

Exhibition Signal/Bruit, in Sonic Protest Festival 2021,
Halle Bouchoule, Instants Chavirés, Montreuil,
27 june > 11 july 2021.

With Radio Fischli Weiss (a work initiated in 2015 at la Labomedia in Orléans), Πnode echoes Peter Fischli and David Weiss's masterpiece "The way things go," a film from 1987 in which, one thing leading to another, an initial event engenders a chain reaction, in the manner of dominoes falling one after another. By applying this principle to the transmission of sound, by luminous, aqueous, mechanical or hertzian means at the scale of the exhibition venue, the collective work of ∏node allows us to observe the journey of information from module to module and to hear the transformation of sound as it moves through space.


Πnode with Lucien Gaudion, Tim Shaw, Claire Williams.


link to highres subtitled version


Exhibition pictures


Les aventures d’un son : sur Radio Fischli & Weiss du collectif Πnode, Bastien Gallet, AOC Media, juillet 2021