Hertzian acousmonium


Location: Centre National de la Danse (CND), 1 Rue Victor Hugo, 93500 Pantin, France

Frequency: 108.0 MHz

26 July 2014, 18H-20H

"Through a composition of different vectors of radiophonic transmission, sounds will collide and resonate deploying themselves in the vertiginous brutalist architecture of the CND and its irregular spaces, playing radio waves in a form of an hertzian acousmonium troubled by the concrete structures. All frequencies will cross the static fields of reclusive ghosts confined in the corners of the asymmetrical staircase of the Atrium, eluding the complex tridimensional surfaces of the building. Long ago an administrative center, the echoes of footsteps going down the staircase, rumbles of frustrated voices and the fatal falls are still resonating; the sliding of the children concrete skaters following their deceived or received parents down the way are still there. The use of radio transmissions will invoke all these memories, inviting them to resurge."


each point is equiped with a fixed radio


all musicians plays in the studio; all mixtables are connected directly to one ∏-Boxes, through 9 separate streams; one table direct to the 8W transmitter;


The audience is invited to hunt for tranmissions, walking in the different floors of the building with a small radio.


Time A: 9 musician on 9 emitters. fixed radios are silent, audience create the sound.
Time B: Fixed radios are ON. Musicians change their locations
Time C: All radios on, all streams change randomly their locations.
Time D: 8W emitter begins to take over all streams.
- end