DRK Performance

Radiophonic experiment in DK-R broadcasts on FM and AM bandwidths.

date : 4 february 2014
time : 55mn
Location : DRK AM & FM band, DAB+, ∏-node & DKR streams, RDS

∏-node answered to DR-K invitation by a contributive Live Reading performance. The /score/ was written in real-time on a webchat hosted by p-node.org website and open to contribution. During 55 minutes, this text was directly broadcast on the aether, interpreted by two readers, one human and one robot, whose voices where lent to the public.

The Robot reader was transmitted in FM on DeutschlandRadio Kultur Frequenies.

The Human reader was transmitted in AM Deutschland Radio "Dokumente und Debatten".

Both readings were also relayed over satellite and Internet streams, while man could read on his auto-radio screen: "P_NODE RADIO EXIT STEREO - YOU NEED TWO RADIOS FOR TREE CHANNELS".

Archive : http://p-node.org/berlin