flusser At the occasion of his 100th birthday, the Flusser club e.V. in coordination with the Vilém Flusser Archive and West Den Haag present a day and night of celebration of the thought and life of philosopher of technology and communication, Vilém Flusser. During 12 hours we will feature presentations discourses and dialogues experimentally structured according to the flusserian models from the kommunikologie. Many of the participants knew Flusser directly, many more are using Flusser’s thinking to help them with their research in various fields from art, to design to philosophy. This event is a complement to the festival planned for Robion, Vaucluse at the same time, but postposend due to the pandemic. 

PROGRAM (time CEST, contributor, language)

  • 12:00 - Baruch Gottlieb, Steffi Winkler,  http://flusser.club welcome and introduction  EN
  • 12:20 - Gehao Zhang lecture  EN
  • 12:40 - Przemysław Wiatr, lecture "In the shadow of posthistory"  EN
  • 13:00 - Marc Lenot, http://photographie-experimentale.com lecture "this is not the first time a conference in Robion was cancelled"  EN
  • 13:40 - Discussion  EN
  • 14:00 - Eva Batlickova, talk on the relationship of Flusser’s philosophy with a real life  EN
  • 14:15- Sebastian Sierra-Barra, discussion „Ranges of responsibility: global infrastructures and dialogical media“  EN
  • 14:30- Polona Tratnik, lecture "The Animals from the Dark World"  EN
  • 14:50 - Discussion  EN
  • 15:00 - Katerina Krtilova, Ulrich Richtmeyer, Dieter Mersch discussion  EN
  • 15:20 - Discussion  EN
  • 15:40 - Discussion  EN
  • 16:00 - Miklos Peternak, Laszlo Beke discussion with video  EN
  • 16:20 - Discussion  EN
  • 16:40 - ∏Node, "IRC Theater", http://www.p-node.org performance  EN/DE/FR
  • 17:00- Corinne Russo & Annie Stojanow: Robion hic et nunc  FR
  • 17:15 - Colette Tron  https://www.alphabetville.org  lecture "les gestes"  FR
  • 17:30 - Marc Partouche, special interview and presentation of his new edition of previously unpublished Flusser texts in French "MUTATIONS  DANS  LES RELATIONS HUMAINES?"  FR
  • 17:50 - Discussions  FR
  • 18:10 - Yves Citton http://www.yvescitton.net lecture "the virus and the fonctionnaire"  EN
  • 18:30 - Discussion EN
  • 19:00 - Gabriel Philipson, discussion  EN
  • 19:20 - Aaron Jaffe, Michael Miller & co, discussion "Understanding Flusser"  EN
  • 19:50 - Michael Bielickyhttp://bielicky.net videos  EN
  • 20:00 - Discussion  EN
  • 20:20 - Andreas Ströhl, talk on Flusserian thought and cultural politics  EN
  • 20:40 - Discussion  EN
  • 21:00 - Plenum: Andreas Ströhl, Marc Lenot, Michael Bielicky, Miklos Peternak, Simone Osthoff, Katerina Krtilova, Marcel René Marburger, Polona Tratnik, and many more!  moderated by: Baruch Gottlieb, Steffi Winkler  EN
  • including  - Gabriel Borba, "the WInd" video performance, dedicated to Vilém Flusser , Discussion  EN
  • 21:40 -  Erick Felinto, lecture "I see Oedipus in my Garden: Nature and Culture in Flusser and Benjamin"  EN
  • 22:00 (parallel)- Mario Cascardo, Rachel Cecília de Oliveira performance, all languages, reading your copy of Vampyroteuthis Infernalis http://meet.jit.si/Fluss3rVI  normal 
    • People should enter the room with only audio enabled, not video. (The images will be only Flexor’s)
    • Each participant will read one paragraph or page of their own edition/version of the VI. All languages are welcome. There will be silence between one reading and another.
    • This will be a collective essay on the emergence of the VI; on dialogue vs discourse; on Flusser’s life; on Flexor's Bipeds as antecedents of the VI; on opacity and monstruosity.
  • 22:10  - Vilém Flusser Archive Berlin, Anita Jori & Steph Holl Trieu with Daniel Irrgang  EN
  • 22:40 - discussion with Peter Zhang and  Simone Osthoff,  EN
  • 23:00 - discussion  EN
  • 23:20 - Adrian Martin, video, discussion  EN
  • 23:40 - ∏Node, "Golem",  West Germany, Berlin, Feb. 2014, https://www.p-node.org/actions/berlin audio archive
  • 00:00 - END

With additional videos by Andreas Müller Pohle http://muellerpohle.net 
Produced in collaboration with west den haag http://westdenhaag.nl
Relayed by Radio TSONAMI [Arte Sonoro], Valparaíso, Chile. https://radiotsonami.org/

Dedicated to Edith Flusser & Louis Bec