How to stream with MIXXX

Download the software
is a dj tool that works on windows, macos and linux
easy to use, and allows to make an easy streaming with the files on your computer.
ideal for djs, you can even use a microphone.

a random screen shot of Mixxx interface

Set up the stream

Now that you have the software, start it, then, from the menu bar, in the "Options" menu, open to the "preferences" panel.
Go to the section "broadcast" / "diffusion en direct"

Now fill the fields with the right info !

note : this is dummy info, please ask an operator on the chat to get a proper passw, if you wish to use the server

Select the bitrate according to your ISP (192 if you got the fiber / 128 or lower for adsl)
Switch the format according to your mountpoint : mp3 or ogg
note : you might need to install the Lame Library in order to stream in mp3, please refer to instructions here

Then set up the meta data part.

Once all fields filled, your settings shall look like this !

Then apply, and okay.


Back to the interface, go in the "options" menu, and then, activate "broadcast" (activer la diffusion) or Ctrl + L

Mixxx will tell you if the config is right or not.

Test the stream

So now, the stream shall be on, open the url of your stream in a browser, to verifiy it is working. Maybe better to do it on a different machine, like a telephone, as Mixxx can monopolise your sound card.

You can also check if the stream monpointdemontage.mp3 ou monpointdemontage.ogg is appearing in this list

Ask the chat operators, if you want a public confirmation !

You're ready for it, ask for a time slot in the program !

Kill the stream

Once your set it is over, you can kill the stream by repeating the same operation
Go to options, and kill the broadcast
One killed, Mixxx will open a pop up window to confirm.