Transformations II | 05 2020

May 5, 2020, Festival Transformation II [online] :

Live BCI, neuro-feedback and music
Curated by 1+1=3 & ∏Node for Antivirus

Introduction by Samon Takahashi

followed by "Histoire du bio-feedback appliqué à la musique",
voiced by Claudia Squitieri [Live, FR]

"The brain during seizures, death and resurrection"

Stephen Whitmarsh with Dr. Valerio Frazzini, MD. & Antoine Carton-Leclercq, Multiple Locations, France [FR/ENG]


sonifications électroencéphalographique
Guillaume Dumas, Paris, France [Live, FR]

"Meditative Striptease"

Carima Neusser & Per Hüttner, Stockholm, Sweden [Live, FR/ENG]


You are listening to me while I am listening to myself
Jan Carleklev, Skogen, Sweden [Live, ENG/SWE]

"Human x Machine Learning x 4"

Cave Music, Wais, Delearn DSCP & Rock Regressionn
Atau Tanaka, Montreuil, France [Live, FR/ENG]


Stephen Whitmarsh, Châtenay-Malabry, France [Live, ENG]