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Experimental Arts International Festival

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Baseline + Xedh + IbonRg + vl : Sesión de improvisación

IbonRg, Falcata

Baseline, Billy Bao

Friday 20/11/2020, 13-21h 8-hour film screening BLACKOUT by Javier Rodríguez Pérez-Curiel
a projection without audience
radio emission: soundtrack + spy microphone in the screening space

Pulimentos del Norte

“Today is September 13, 2020. A year ago, on the night of September 13, 2019, I had 2 skull fractures. It was Friday. I don't remember anything of that night from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. according to a rough estimate. Acute head trauma is often accompanied by amnesia. Even more so if other factors are added. After the blow I lost for a few weeks the sensation on the right side of my face, including hearing. Later, taste and smell suffered a strangeness that led to the total loss of smell, although by then hearing had already recovered. I still don't remember what happened that night.
Some time later I began to think about making a movie that would last the 8 hours that have disappeared from my memory. 8 hours that represent the absence of the senses. One day in El Pote (a bar in front of BilbaoArte) I met Txema. In the conversation of those days the subject of what had happened to me always came up. After telling him about the experiences I had and was going through, we talked about what a void in memory can mean if there is also a physical trauma in that space of forgetfulness. I told him about my idea of trying to transfer that feeling of loss from a certain time in your life and he proposed me to project it on MEM. Blackout is a movie that reproduces those 8 hours of my forgotten life. Not inventing a story of what happened, but putting those 8 hours in an audiovisual space. There are 8 hours of recording using a spy camera, which only records total darkness and a clock that marks the date. 8 hours of vacuum on the screen and some muffled sound. 8 hours of projection of a film that nobody can see since the film has been designed to be shown in a place without an audience.
I don’t remember very well but i think it was around April 2020 when i recorded over different confinement days a total of 8 hours of my daily life. I used a small Spy camera. The camera was normally situated into a box and set somewhere in the room where i was reading, working or watching things, whatever i was doing those days. i also put the camera in my pocket and went outside while gling about my normal daily routine."