ERUA’s Night of Ideas : “Closing the distance between us” / La Nuit des idées d’ERUA "Réduire la distance entre nous"

Visioconférence - Allemagne, Bulgarie, Danemark, France, Grèce
28 janvier 2021 : 17h00 - 21h30
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ERUA’s Night of Ideas is a night of discussions and artistic performances. Every year in January, the Institut Francais’s network celebrates La Nuit des Idées (The Night of Ideas) with conferences, activities and talks around a common theme that changes every year. For January 2021 the chosen thematic is “Together” with ERUA’s own specific sub-theme : “Closing the distance between us.”

La Nuit des idées d’ERUA est une nuit d’échanges et de performances artistiques. Chaque année, le réseau de l’Institut Français célèbre la Nuit des idées avec des conférences, activités et échanges sur un thème commun qui change chaque année. Pour cette année, le thème est "Proches", et le thème spécifique pour ERUA est Réduire la distance entre nous".


Opening session

5:00 Opening Session

5:20 Boîte blanche

Panel #1 “Re-imagining Higher Education and Research” #Re-imaginingHigherEducationandResearch?

Chair: Elena Theodoropoulou (University of the Aegean)

5:25 – 6:25 Panel #1 Re-imagining Higher Education and Research

6:25 NEET

Panel#2 “Contact and Tech” #Re-imaginingCommunity?

Chair: Søren Riis (University of Roskilde) and Kristian Bankov (New Bulgarian University)

6:40 Virusland

6:55 – 7:55 Panel #2 Contact and Tech

Panel#3 “Decolonizing Higher Education” #DecolonizingHigherEducation

Chair: Arnaud Regnauld (Paris 8 University)

7:55 Nomasmetaforas

8:05 – 8:35 Panel#3 Decolonizing Higher Education

Panel#4 “Art and Higher Education” #ArtandHigherEducation

Chair: Albert Kümmel-Schnur (University of Konstanz)

8:35 Cosmic Performance: Which Cloud on Horizon Are We Sharing?

8:40 – 9:20 Panel#4 Art and Higher Education

Closing session

9:20 Iassen Zahariev (New Bulgarian University) - Bringing Tastes and People Together with Wine