Radio Wetteralgorithmen

Raw electromagnetic emissions from the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre in Lugano, Ticino. Per stream, there are 3 amplified pickups plugged into a soundcard and broadcasted without any further processing.

The Radio Wetteralgorithmen is part of the exhibition Wired Nation and is streaming from 29.10.20 until 12.12.20 and from 4.3.21 until 27.3.21.

Wired Nation

Behind the availability of digital processes is an infrastructure that is the physical basis for data traffic, calculation, storage, transmission and deletion of digital data. The result is a widely ramified matrix in which economic and political interests unfold. Using Switzerland as an example, the exhibition takes exemplary soundings in the foundation of a networked nation. Using current and historical case studies, it examines the organisation, control and management of processes in digital Switzerland. It gives an impression of how local, regional and global interests are intertwined and how these are inscribed in landscapes, architecture and infrastructure.

Lugano-019-001 | Andrea Helbling

WIRED NATIONs night 12/12/21:12 invitation to electromagnetic karaoke mixx mash

12 hours from SAT 12 december 21:12 to SUN 13 december 9:12 dedicated to
raw emissions of computation + raw jamming
if you are around, you are very much welcome to join with your recordings or with your stream!
from 12 seconds to 12 hours, may be unrefined and boring.

this is the first event around the Radio Wetteralgorithmen streams and the WIRED NATION exhibition and publication. it's in the spirit of signal+sound+jam+mix, while the next event wed 13 january 9:12 - 21:21 will include performances+talks about the projects+research behind it.

there are parallel streams ready for remix, LIVE or GENERATIVE or from ARCHIVES, some broadcast continously since a long time already and some are new. raw electromagnetics and server sonifications from

. cscs : swiss supercomputing centre, lugano
. : initiative for netculture and early independent server provider, graz
. π-node server : raw conversion of the traffic on the net device to audio
. tacc : texas advanced computing center, austin
. anarcha server : raw conversion of the traffic on the net device to audio
. kernel-radio : stable linux kernel source code lecture
. Pi101 auto replicate : replication of the sources & files of the pibox via FSK minimodem
. remos : underwater observatory, heligoland and spitzbergen


avec la participation du CNC/DICRéAM dans le cade de l'aide à l'écriture du projet GOLEM¬MONDE