| side | channel | radio | 12/2019

a π-node streaming 4 x 24 hours from the chaos communication congress in Leipzig Fri 27.12. - Mon 30.12.2019

call to join

the format is open to ALL kinds of participations...prepared or live, analog or electronics, voice or non-voice, seconds or days of material...the proposed theme (below) may just as well be interfered with other topics you find interesting!

a fallback stream will be around


3rd day excerpt


A 4-day-long experimental radio streaming with & about the ‚intrinsic radio‘ of the computational that appears in cyberphysical contexts through the energetic exhaust of digital devices.

The emission takes place during the four days of the conference from within the congress. The setup and the content draw on experiments, hacks or other situations that deal with radio in its extended understanding: an FM radio that remote controls a smartphone's speech recognition for example, the introspection engine by bunnie Huang/Snowden or the system bus radio. The fallback stream consists of physical sidechannel streams, such as electromagnetic or ultrasonic, from protected and unprotected personal devices brought to the congress.