DAB+ | Mulhouse I 2019

∏Node has been broadcasting permanently from Mulhouse since January 2019 on DAB+ . The radio can be heard on compatible receivers in southern Alsace and beyond the borders of Dreyeckland. With the installation of an antenna on a Mulhouse industrial chimney, ∏Node occupies the hertzian territory and rethinks an advanced hybridization between Internet and the radio spectrum. Through the dissemination of plug and play tools for live broadcasting, ∏node aims to be a spearhead of a symmetrical radio with the aim of breaking the old-school asymmetrical relationship in the radio universe where only one person who speaks for a multitude of listeners. The various nodes of the network [ Antennas <-> receivers <-> radio sets <-> telephones <-> modulations <-> radio waves <-> streaming <-> emission ] are multiple connection elements, interconnected in no fixed order. These entry points are thought of as artistic media open to experimentation, animated by a free-run collective coming from the worlds of sound art, experimental music, underground streaming, radio art and community radio in Mulhouse, France and elsewhere. Actions implemented: - Open discussions, conferences and workshops about the different practices of the collective for the future acting audience - Dissemination of tools to create nodes in-situ and develop peer-to-peer radio; - Creation of a flow management algorithm to bypass the use of a fixed program grid. - Mobilization of radiophonic creators spread all over the globe to produce a multitude of radiophonic work. ![pnode-uber-mulhausen](pnode-uber-mulhausen.jpg) ## Report ![](IMG_20190825_233304.jpg) ![](IMGP0814.JPG)