Autoreplicant ∏-box @ Piksel | Bergen

Autoreplicant is a program that scans all the files on the π-box, and transfer them by audio using minimodem, the packet transfer is routed to the audio output of the pibox, so you can choose to use stream, radio or line out, or all of them together. Another raspberry can use the reception script, listen to the audio, and will be able to duplicate the π-box on this new host.

About Autoreplicant π-box


About Piksel Festival | Signal to Noise exhibition

SIGNAL TO NOISE, Curator: Tincuta Heinzel Exhibition program 2019 Piksel Studio 207

“I remembers the radio broadcasts from London during World War II and Norway’s king stiffening the resolve of his subjects under German occupation. ”
Judith Haaland, 98

The Paraset (Paratrooper radio set) was one of the most notorious of all the transceivers used by the partisan clandestine radio operators during WWII. Often transported in food baskets, suitcases, and other obscure places, it was used for clandestine radio communication primarily in Norway and Europe. The equipment is known as the “Paraset” because it was dropped by parachute for field agents. A fascinating piece of history.

With this exhibition Piksel wants to make an homage to the radio as a device and also to the importance of the listeners. In a historical moment where the FM analogue radio has been shot down and there are voices that claims that “Norway is not prepared for this.” and “Of course there is a lot of nostalgia in radio. That’s one of the reasons this switch is so controversial.” Piksel wants to bring some fresh air doing both, recalling the analogue radio and bringing new low-cost digital technologies to the people, radio-makers and emitters.

Autoreplicant ∏-box @ Uncool Memories | Orléans

“Les numériques en pratique” est le quatrième opus du cycle d’événements 2020-21 de l’ÉSAD Orléans, intitulé Uncool Memories. Le titre, inspiré d’un ouvrage de Jean Baudrillard, trace une ligne traversant une série d’expositions qui ont été conçues dans le contexte de la pandémie de la Covid-19.

Cette installation a été mise en place au sein de la collégiale St Pierre le Puellier à Orléans du 16 Mars au 11 Avril 2021.