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∏-node is an experimental platform for the development of a hybrid web/FM radio format. Through the interlinking of different approaches, tools, technologies and networks a decentralised broadcast structure will be established where each of the network’s nodes serves to both receive and transmit information. Such a structure seeks to break with the classic one-way communication scheme, substituting it with a horizontal peer-to-peer model. π-node wants to explore the many dimensions of radio – its physicality (ether, radio waves and the electromagnetic spectrum), its spatiality (bandwidth, frequencies), its infrastructure (network of radio receivers/emitters), its methods of production and editorial content management (programming boards/teams, recording studios), its methods of metadata reception (RDS/SDR), its history (free radio and pirate radio movements), and its legislation. Most importantly, π-node also wants to examine the future role and potential of radio in a time when everything is going digital.

  • general framework : architecture of the project




Archives V-1

Experimental Prototypes



  • general ideas : interest, discussions, topics and links
  • radio programs : precise ideas of shows we want to present
  • references : radio context, legal aspects, books, art projects, Internet Audio Scanners and others ressources